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Heck Yes'm New Album Out Now!

We are super excited today to give you kind folks early access to our brand new album! It has been a long time since we released an album, and we have had a blast over the years making music and playing shows. If you have been a long time listener like I know a lot of you are, you will have shared the experience of growing up with us as we all attempt to navigate life. From the early days of backpacks, punk houses and street corners, to the later days of farming, homesteading, festivals and farmers markets you have been beside us tapping along. We have gone through thick and thin together and lived to tell the tale. Some songs on this album came from old dusty suitcases filled with crumpled lyrics that haven't been opened in a decade, while others are fresh and new. We have been through a lot over the years and we have never been more thankful for those who have taken care of us and supported our music.

So folks, without further ado, and for your listening pleasure, would like to present to you The Grid Pickers new album “Heck Yes'm”!

If you like it, you can show your support by sharing this and buying the album. “Heck Yes'm” drops on all other major online platforms this Monday, June 10th.

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